Premises licence reviews

Premises licence reviews

Is your licence under review?

When you have your Premises Licence is in place, although it lasts for the life time of the business, it is possible at any time for a review that you may experience.

We have a wide range of expertise in advising and representing our clients in relation to enforcement action and reviews of licensed premises.

Our clients receive clear, practical advice and assistance at a time when they are under the considerable pressure of a review or enforcement action.

The purpose of a review is to allow the responsible authorities such as the Police or Environmental Health or any other person whether they live or work near the premises or not to ask the Licensing Authority to review how the premises are operating where they feel that the licensing objectives are being undermined.

Once a review has been started then there is a 28 days consultation period when a public notice has to be placed at the premises and other parties may join in. When the consultation period has expired, the Licensing Authority have to hold a hearing to determine the application and their powers a range of measures such as:

  • Temporary or permanent reduction in trading hours;
  • Temporary or permanent reduction in licensable activities;
  • Temporary or permanent modification of other conditions attached to the licence or club premises certificate;
  • Removal of designated premises supervisor from the licence; and/or
  • Suspension or revocation of licences or club premises certificates

How we can help

We can assist the premises licence holder to prepare for the review and support to minimise the impact of such a review on your business.

Alternatively, call us on 020 7241 3636 or complete the free enquiry form below for a more in-depth discussion of your needs.

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