Award for Designated Premises Supervisors / ADPS

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Course Description – Award for Designated Premises Supervisors Course

Level 2 Award for Designated Premises Supervisors qualification is designed for anyone who holds the position of Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) on licensed premises or who is planning to submit an application to Vary a Premises Licence to Specify an Individual as the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS)

Alcohol may not be sold on any premises unless a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) is appointed. The sale of alcohol without the appointed DPS carries a maximum penalty on conviction of a Unlimited fine and / or 6 months imprisonment.

The Designated Premises Supervisor is responsible for the ‘day-to-day running of the premises’ and they are prescribed as the ‘single point of accountability’.

The Designated Premises Supervisor is responsible and legally accountable for the licensable activities taking place on that premises. This means that the DPS will often be liable for penalties and / or large fines for non-compliance or unauthorised licensable activities.

The DPS course is designed to provide learners with the skills and knowledge to carry out their responsibilities as a DPS in a professional manner and uphold the objectives outlined in the Licensing Act 2003.

There is no stipulation in the Licensing Act which determines how often a DPS should be present at their licensed premises over any specified period. However an increasing number of licensing authorities look unfavourably or will not accept, someone who is not intimately involved with the running of the licensed premises assuming the position of DPS.

Course Summary – Level 2 Award for Designated Premises Supervisors / ADPS

• Roles and responsibilities of the designated premises supervisor
• Licensable activities
• Crime and disorder
• Public nuisance
• Public safety
• Protection of children from harm
• Relevant legislation
• Risk assessment
• Compliance

Target Learners –DPS Course & ADPS Qualification

Level 2 Award for Designated Premises Supervisors qualification is suitable for anyone who holds a supervisory or managerial position on licensed premises. It provides an in-depth understanding of licensing regulation and is suitable for:

• Pubs • Bars • Night Clubs • Private Members Clubs •Licensed Café’s • Hotels • Leisure Centres • Events Companies • Restaurants • Off-Licenses • Licensed Shops • Supermarkets • Local Authority Officers • Police Licensing Officers • and many more…


Level 3 Award for Designated Premises Supervisors

The ADPS course explains the skills and responsibilities of designated premises supervisors in licensed premises.

Course Overview

Responsibility of the DPS to carry out a risk a risk assessment in respect of the licensing objectives
Measures that promote the four licensing objectives
Guidance issued under the Licensing Act 2003
Health and safety responsibilities of the DPS
Food safety responsibilities of the DPS
Weights and measures and consumer protection
Tobacco, smoking, solvents, videos and smuggled alcohol and tobacco
Young persons
Consumption on or near the premises
Entertainments that are not ‘licensable activities
Equal opportunities
Dealing with problems

Who should take this qualification?

Anyone named as the DPS on a premises licence
People seeking employment or self-employment as a designated premises supervisor
Personal licence holders seeking to improve their promotion prospects
Existing designated premises supervisors who want to upgrade their skills and/or have their skills formally recognised

Assessment: Multiple choice question examination

Duration: 1 day.

Awarded by: Education Development International. (EDI).

Course Handbooks: Award for Designated Premises Supervisors

Course Fees: £180.00


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